The annual Farmer2Farmer Conference is an initiative about local people, local issues, and local solutions! It provides powerful networking and learning opportunities for farmers and food producers in the region. The conference brings together over 200 regional farmers from all reaches of Vancouver Island and the Mainland in a day that inspires, educates and connects us in ways that help our sector grow together!

Save the date! Farmer2Farmer 2018 is coming up on March 1st, 2018. Vendor packages and registration will be available in January.


Read the 2017 Farmer2Farmer Summary Report

The Capital Regional Food and Agriculture Initiative Roundtable (CRFAIR) has also embarked on an annual data collection survey of local farmers to gain more insight into progress towards meeting our Good Food Network goals of 25% of food grown/consumed locally by 2025.  Survey results will be reported annually at Farmer2Farmer events.  Please take a moment to participate in the survey (click here).  Your input is highly valued.